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Ok, time to vent just a little. Now I’m not one to normally complain about stuff or be negative but just this once I’m gonna have to let loose.

Let’s recap the last week.
- My mother and her third (or is it fourth?) husband split up. Again. For about the eighteenth time. This time she says it’s for real, divorce and all. We’ll see.
- My sister-in-law that has 7 fairly lazy kids and a husband that usually doesn’t give a damn about things tried to commit suicide by drinking 11 beers and taking a bottle of pills. This is a great example of not being a strong role model. She smokes like a chimney, drinks like a sailor and generally mooches off of everyone around her. I hope she gets her shit cleaned up. Do it for the kids!
- My job is pretty much sucking right now. I like to feel like I’m adding value and I don’t feel that way. I read a great article on LinkedIn about how sometimes what you need to do is head to the company with the biggest problems because that is where you find the biggest challenges. I feel like that is the case for me right now.
- Here’s the doosie…a friend from high school that married his high school sweetheart and has two beautiful kids passed away yesterday. I have no idea wtf. He was that guy that would never say a mean word about his worst enemy and he’d give you the shirt off his back. He was taken from this world too soon, but I pray it was for good reason because his family and friends are heartbroken and none of us understand why things like this happen. God, help us to understand this, please. Thank you.

Ok, now I’m trying to think of some bright spots to end this post on a good note. I’ve got my health (as far as I know), I’ve got my beautiful wife, I’ve got my awesome kids and I know I’m destined for greater things. Onward and upward after this miserable last week.


It’s the Fourth of July and I’m at home watching a rated G movie because my sister-in-law and her husband are mopey as f*#k…

Come on people, live a little!


Things that make you go “Hmmmm…”

Yesterday my oldest son asked my wife why I liked one of his friends more than a couple others. I’m pretty sure my wife gave it a bit of thought and responded, telling him about how one of his particular friends is more outgoing and thus I probably click with him more. She told me about this conversation late last night and it stayed in the back of my mind for several reasons. First, I internally applauded my son’s astute observation and willingness to ask the question, although I was dismayed that he asked my wife and not me directly. I’ll have to sort through that and try to figure out why. Secondly, it gave me pause because I don’t like that I might unknowingly treat one of my son’s friends in a less welcoming fashion than another. Now granted, some of the friends he makes in life may be unsavory types that I see no great future for, but what is it about human nature that makes one outwardly change their demeanor and interaction style towards others? I don’t dislike any of of the friends brought up in his conversation, but I certainly can understand now how the way I interact with them is different and thus questioned by my son. I need to give this some more thought.

Human nature is such a strange and unexpected thing.


I’m baaaaack!

It’s me again. I was recently inspired by one of our developers to kickstart this little ramblehouse again. She has journaled almost every day since she was 18; it helped her get through some tough years in college and helped her talk through things. It’s amazing what just writing can do for your thought processes. It reminded me of a blog post recently on Medium ( that I thought was pretty inspiration on a very fundamental level. There are times where I will just sit and think on the train ride home, and inevitably some of those thoughts should have been documented because I’m sure they were brilliant! Well this is going to be my journal of brilliance; whether it’s a photograph or a passing thought that I want to journal. I’m really trying to do this every day or every other day at a minimum, if only to remember the things I think about. And who knows, maybe someday I’ll collect these random thoughts and images into a book for my kids and grandkids!

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